Employee Retention: 3 Ways it Starts with Equality in the Workplace

Dr. Ryan Giffen

Employee retention is one of the ways by which the equity of a business is maintained. An involved workforce that is happy and efficient helps grow the worth of the business. The key to retaining employees in any business is equality in the workplace. Here are three reasons that equality is the key to turnover reduction and retaining your valuable employees:

Monetary Motivation

One of the most blatant ways to ostracize an employee and make him or her feel less valuable is to pay other employees with similar responsibilities more money. The phrase ‘money talks’ could not apply any better. When you pay your employees equally and adequately, they are more satisfied. This will ensure their value to the company and will increase your retention rate. When your employees feel that they are worth your investment, their confidence and sense of purpose will help them to feel as though your business is worth their investment as well. 

Emotional Support

People feel a sense of community when treated with equality. Dealing with numerous people, their needs, and their emotions can be a tall order. Any successful business with employee retention treats their employees with respect and support equality across the board. When people feel uplifted and encouraged about their workday, you can expect that your workforce will continue to come to work for years to come. Another benefit of a good sense of community is the progressive growth that your business is likely to experience. A supportive community provides motivated individuals who tend to ‘rise-up’ with innovation and forward movement to create a better environment for those around them.

Safety and Security

One of the quickest ways to decrease employee retention is to neglect the safety and security of your employees. It is difficult to maintain the desire to go to work every day when you don’t feel safe or secure. A great way to ensure the safety and security is to see that they are treated with equality. Discrimination in the workplace is a great example of what it looks like when a business has failed at promoting equality. Discrimination and other issues related to equality can leave employees feeling as though they do not have security in their work. Lack of security is one of the major reasons that people will tend to leave work and find it elsewhere.